Duke becomes all time leading run scorer


Club captain the Belgian Duke has overhauled the Great Defector to become the Sox’s all time leading scorer with over 670 runs. The Directors have agreed that he may now concentrate solely on boosting that average.

After two washouts, the 2016 Sox started the season with two agonising defeats to the Superstars (who nobly stood in last minute for the National Archives at Belair). You can read about details on their superior site here and here.

This was followed up by a morale boosting victory over the TfL Pirates (which saw the return of co-founder Bobby Wu after 2 years out) thanks to a Gloucestershire-style squeeze from metronome George Clarkson and swing exponents Sagar Bora, Chris Jones, Rory Holmes, not to mention new-boy moonball merchant Gursh Jaspal.

Regrettably, we bid adieu to our only menacing paceman, Graham Milton, who returns to the North West after a couple of enjoyably belligerent seasons with the Greens. Thank you Graham!


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