2017 season


Welcome to the first recycled Green Sox email of 2017.

There are plenty more coming your way this season with fixtures, line-ups, match reports, weather reports, pitch reports, fines, cancellations, uncancellations, recancellations, candle-lit end of season dinners, and photos of various Sox in increasingly unpleasant states of undress, so if you want off this mailing list, tell me now.

If you wish to stay on it, well, good luck to you.

By all accounts, last year was a roaring success – at least if the smattering of victories, the new talent, and one (ignored) request never to return to Belair House again are anything to go by. The Committee had a smashing time at any rate.

2017 looks more promising still –  an action packed fixture list, the return of Dave ‘the rocket’ Grocott from his 3 year training camp in southern Africa, and the club’s second ever tour are all in the mix – more on that in due course. So it’s a good time to start dusting off the pads, hitting the gym, packing into the ‘roids and visualising your season’s objectives – be it scoring runs, holding on to gravity defying catches, or sampling the very worst of south London sports grounds’ pink cuvée Grand Cru. The Green Sox offer equal opportunities in all departments.

Pre-season indoor nets start later this week and carry all the way through to the end of April. If this is the first you’ve heard of them direct your ire at Tom Newman-Taylor and he’ll fill you in on the details. Chris Jones is fine-tuning what promises to be a much more balanced fixture list littered with double-headers, Sunday Specials and Royal Rumbles that are, for the first time in our history, not designed around Stephen Howe’s holiday plans. Watch this space.

Details of this season’s subs are available from the Committee. We’re booking pitches right now so please give punctually and liberally. Those of you with contacts looking to invest in community projects and grassroots movements, or to squander superfluous funds into the nearest moneybin, may like to have a close look at the ‘social, well-wisher, and fair-weather membership’. It all adds up to one ripping, turning, seaming, moving-out-the-rough, flight, dip, turn, crackerjack, hot-stuff, Gary Ballance Out!, summer of feel-good cricket.

So in the meanwhile, why not nail your colours to the mast and follow us on Twitter on @GreenSoxCC – no one else is.

A presto.



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