Players’ Player

2017 N.A. Sellar

2016 S.W. Howe

2015  B.J.F. Osborne

2014  L.R. de Glossop

2013  N.A.E. Piercey

2012  N.A.E. Piercey

Bowler of the Year

2017 J.P. Bason

2016 G.C. Clarkson

2015  G.R. Milton

2014  C.M. Jones

2013  G.C. Clarkson

2012  G.C. Clarkson

Batsman of the Year

2017 R. Athwal

2016 N. Sellar

2015  N. Sellar

2014  S.W. Howe

2013  T.A. Newman-Taylor

2012  S.W. Howe

Fielder of the Year

2017 B.J.F. Osborne


R. Athwal 109 vs National Archives at Belair Park (14/06/15)

Club Captain

2017 J.P Bason

2016 L.R. de Glossop

2015 L.R. de Glossop

2014 S.W. Howe

2013 S.W. Howe

2012 S.W. Howe


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